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I see you - understanding the song

Listening to the theme song for the movie Avatar for the first time didn’t register or caused any real reaction. In fact, I thought it was just a second version of “My heart will go on”, theme song for director James Cameron’s mega box-office hit Titanic. First impressions most times don’t count.

To understand the song, you have to think of the meaning of the word that gave name to the film. Originally the manifestation of a Hindu deity in human or superhuman or animal form, it is considered a personification or incarnation of a supreme being. The use of it in social media and now with the film has brought an extended meaning, that of human in its perfect or ideal form, god in human form. The avatar gives us the chance to be all that we would like to; to see the world with colorful lenses and crystallizes the way we would like others to see us.

That’s way the song comes in. “I see me in your eyes” synthesizes the idea of the other. We need the other – a neighbor, colleague, loved one, acquaintance to make sense of who we are. These others are the mirrors that reflect our personality and our essence in more or less intensity. “I live through you and you through me” is another perfect example.

The song also touches on another point: not only do we depend on our neighbors to be who we are but we also lean on the connection with a supreme being to become that we are. The song can be an ode to this superior link: the more a supreme being is manifested in us, the more perfect we become

So the next time you listen to a song, listen a second time. There might just be something more to what meets the ear.

How about doing a song activity. Click here.

Click here to see the lyrics.


Marisa said…
How deep the meaning is! It matches some of my views on life.
Interesting viewpont!
Anonymous said…
Let's hope more people have this viewpoint.

Lucas_tb said…
yeah, i agree with you! It's a really good song.
By the way, great review !
emersonrj said…
Man, luv u and your blog...
hope u r well
btw, I'm planning to invite some friends to CLACOPA... would u like to come with your family?
Take care

Botafoguense and Ferrari fan (lol)
dablog said…
Would love to! Just tell me the date and time.
Nicéa said…
Couldn't agree more.

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