Saturday, December 19, 2009



A look at the use of the comma and how it can change the meaning of the sentence:

When Shakira sings:

It's a suicide, waiting

She's saying that the act of waiting is a suicide. But in another line, she chants:

It's a suicide waiting, all the time.

Is the meaning of the two sentences the same?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My top ten words of 2K9

As we are counting down the last days of 2009 or 2K9, some blogs like this one have decided to make a list of the Top Ten Words of the year. Here is my list:

1. Lula - This year consolidated what was already a political phenomenon never before seen in the history of Brazil. Nothing can shake him and his popularity is a case study for many world leaders.

2. Twitter - Definitely made blogging look like a tedious task. Simple but yet so much fun!

3. Obama - The first year is always a trying one - this one was not diferent. But it seems that the right man is in the right place at the right time.

4. H1N1 - After losing its identity (swine flu) the virus seemed to be under control but then scared everyone.

5. King - A word to summarize the muscial and artistic legend that graced us for 50 years with his presence among us mere mortals.

6. Kobe - The coming of age of a potential star who seems to almost float on the same air as MJ, Sir Air himself.

7. Vampires - Always mysterious and enticing, girls can't resist and guys dig their flow.

8. Wolves - Normally relegated to a supporting role, they have now gained the same status as their "unmortal and undead" enemies, the vampires.

9. Hopenhagen - Synthesizes our tendency to pin hopes too high where no one is really willing to go. The future of the planet's climate depends on simpler, groundwork action.

10. Recovery - The global economy seems to be back on its feet again thanks to emerging markets fiscal strength and swift government action to save the economies.