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Silver quartet

Darrel Brown, Marc Burns, Keston Bledman and Richard Thompson. Remember these guys did Trinidad and Tobago yet again. For us mere mortals with Bolt and company in the race, silver is GOLD.

Accent, not language is power

People often say language is power. That may be so for foreign speakers of the language. But when it comes to native speakers of the same language with different accents, then there are other factors involved.

This snippet from the movie Outsourced proves the point:

Learning a language - what's the recipe?

Is there a recipe for learning a language? For neurolinguits Lance Knowles, there is. And it boils dwon to three key elements:

- Listening

- Speaking

- Minimal exposure to text (this unnecesarily distracts the brain)

Is it that simple? That means we'll have to change the way we do things in a classroom.

Father's Day!

This is my homage to the day we set aside to honour Fathers here in Brazil. Unlike Mother's Day, it is a day that is celebrated on different days in many countries. But, regardless of that, where would we be without that heroic figure, the one we look up to, the one who takes the blame or takes our heat.

This video shows my point. To all our heroes, all the best!