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40 years ago ... Wow, 40 years is a long time, a generation. Enough time for us to grow up, go to school, university, get married, and even have children. On July 21st 1969, two Americans took the first walk on the moon. And looking back now, it was really a giant leap for humankind. Can you think of all the things space exploration has brought to our everyday life? For starters, satellite TV and mass communication would be unknown terms today.

But what about 16 years ago? On March 16th 1983 another feat from out of this world took place: THE MOONWALK by the late MJ.


Buddy, homie, pal, Best, mate, dude, riding partner, sidekick, chum, dawg – call them whatever you like but friends have been around probably before the family unit was created. Now with the proliferation of online social media and the growing use of the Internet from all walks of life, friendship has taken on new meanings. After all, virtual friends are not exactly the ones you always hang out with (unless the same friend doubles as real and virtual), but they can be valuable listeners, secret sharers and supporters.

Some people claim that the friendships we nurture online are empty and as abstract as cyberspace. That may be true in most cases, but everything hinges on how much you want to put into the relationship, kind of the same thing in a face to face relationship.

So can we define what a friend is? Here are some interesting ones (thanks to the Urban dictionary):
A real friend is someone who:
a) it's okay to fart in front of. (yes, I know it is disgusting but …)
b) you don&#…