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How to destroy the world - transport

This is not an attempt to sound pessimistic or to be the messenger of doom or destruction, but have you ever thought how transport can be handy and catastrophic at the same time?

Where would we be without the car, the motocycle or public transport in general?

Not to mention the plane.

But after this video, you just might see things differently

Contrast linkers: although, though or even though?

There are four factors to consider when we need to use linkers in English (apart from being a native speaker, ha, ha):

- POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS: what can comes after or before the linker

- SENTENCE POSITION: where it goes in the sentence


- FORMALITY/INFORMALITY: some forms are more formal and/or more emphatic

How do we use these words to show contrast in English? Here are some useful examples:

1. Karen didn't hate the house, although/even though/though there were some things about it she found weird.

2. Although/Even though/Though he was running late, he stopped at the newsstand to get his weekly magazine.

[N.B. Though is more informal]

3. I don't remember making the phone call. I do, though, remember sending an e-mail to the client.[N.B. "Though", in this case, can be substituted by "however"]

4. The bad weather is expected to continue until the end of the week. There may be some spells of sun during the day, though. [Once again, &quo…