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Showing posts from June 14, 2009

Would you work for free$

British Airways has asked its 40,000 staff to work for one month without pay so they can help the airline stay on its feet.

This was a request from the chief executive of the airline, who promised to also work for nothing in the month of July.

Talk about leading by example!

Salaries, up, up and away!

words, words, words ... one million of them

The British journal The Times published an article reporting that a group of American linguists have now calculated the number of English words at the 1,000,0000 and counting!

Did you know that for every French word there 10 words in English?

Did you also know that new words in English are born at the rate of 98 words a day?

Did you know that it is possible to make an educated guess as to which word(s) are going to be more or less used in the future?

These are all very interesting questions but the big one is and should be:


Many people actually do and see this mark as a confirmation of English as a GLOBAL language.

More vocabulary for the enthusiastic English learners and more sales for dictionary and resource publishers.