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Something to think about

The original text was written in Portuguese but the message was so striking that I thought it might be worth doing a version of it in English:

I'm going to present you a slideshow.
Are you all ready?
The topic is an ordinary one; you've probably seen these images before
And who knows have even got used to them
It begins with famished children in Africa.
Those with bones clearly showing under their skin.
Those with flies in their eyes.
The slides flick on.
Populations en masse fleeing.
Starving people.
Poor people.
People with no future.
For years, decades, we have seen these images
On Discovery, National Geographic, in photo contests.
Some have even become masterpieces, in renowned photography books.
Images of misery that compel.
Images that form government manifestos.
They create NGOs.
They create entities.
They create social movements.
Misery in any corner of the planet causes commotion, be it in Uganda or Ceara, in India or Bogota
Year after year, talks are held to decide what to be done.
Years …