Contrast linkers: although, though or even though?

There are four factors to consider when we need to use linkers in English (apart from being a native speaker, ha, ha):

- POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS: what can comes after or before the linker

- SENTENCE POSITION: where it goes in the sentence


- FORMALITY/INFORMALITY: some forms are more formal and/or more emphatic

How do we use these words to show contrast in English? Here are some useful examples:

1. Karen didn't hate the house, although/even though/though there were some things about it she found weird.

2. Although/Even though/Though he was running late, he stopped at the newsstand to get his weekly magazine.

[N.B. Though is more informal]

3. I don't remember making the phone call. I do, though, remember sending an e-mail to the client.[N.B. "Though", in this case, can be substituted by "however"]

4. The bad weather is expected to continue until the end of the week. There may be some spells of sun during the day, though. [Once again, "however" can be used in place of "though"]

Based on the examples above, when do we use these linkers?


Carolina said…
POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS: what can comes after or before the linker

You should remove the 's' on "comes"
Anonymous said…
yeah, well observed. Typos are always a bugger.

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