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What do shiny happy people do?

I was sent this article the other day by one of my students. It talks about what happy people don't do. The result of the study is that happy folks don't watch TV.

Can that be really the case? Here is the article so you can make your own decisions:

What Happy People Don’t Do

Published: November 19, 2008
Happy people spend a lot of time socializing, going to church and reading newspapers — but they don’t spend a lot of time watching television, a new study finds.

That’s what unhappy people do.

Although people who describe themselves as happy enjoy watching television, it turns out to be the single activity they engage in less often than unhappy people, said John Robinson, a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland and the author of the study, which appeared in the journal Social Indicators Research.

While most large studies on happiness have focused on the demographic characteristics of happy people — factors like age and marital status — Dr. Robinson …