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Showing posts from September 28, 2008

The American need to wake up

Here is part of a letter from the opinion column of the New York Times on the present American political and economic situation:

As an expatriate who has lived abroad since the mid 90's, I have been witness to the change of attitude toward America on the part of many countries, and am writing in the hope that my words and experiences might be useful in helping Americans wake up to the calamity that would be visited upon them should the McCain/Palin team be elected.

To what might we attribute this change of attitude toward America, which is universally negative?

In a nutshell, to the hate mongers at the helm in the White House; specifically, Bush, Cheney, Rice, formerly Rumsfield, et al.

Despite the fact that McCain has supported these people and their politics at every turn, he now attempts to convince America that he stands for change (even a young child knows that a leopard can't change his spots). McCain's political choices, along with his choice of a running mate, prove hi…

Palin along

Here is a great example of what we can expect with Mc Cain in the White House and a very active VP- Sarah Palin shows to be ready to take over if Mc Cain goes down.

(No, it's Saturday Night Live, actually)

Citizen or alien?

"I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm a Trini in Rio de Janeiro..."

Taking the idea from Sting in the song Englishman in New York (see video), I decided to talk about my experience in a place home away from home.

I've been living in Rio for 12 long years, have a permanent visa and consider myself totally integrated in Brazilian society and the carioca way of life.

But does that make me Brazilian? Do I want to be Brazilian? Do I have to be one?

I don't think so. It's not necessary. Most people make the mistake of thinking that I'm Brazilian, probably I have mixed in so well and learnt the language.

Accordng to the Cambridge Advanced Dictionary, an alien is someone or something coming from a different country, race, or group; foreign.

But alien does not mean that I can not adapt to and accept the new.

They say that when in Rome, you should do as the Romans. More than that, I think you have to be yourself. So, the words of Sting: