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Showing posts from August 17, 2008

Silverer than gold

The Trinidad and Tobago contingent did really well- the best result at the Olympics since 1976. I know everyone is looking at the Jamaicans, the men from the land of calypso did more than good.

Like a lightning bolt

This Jamaican Usain Bolt is living up to his name: in English bolt means "a flash of lightning"( But as a true Trinidad national I can't help but celebrating the incredible feat of my countryman Richard Thompson in the same race.

Look at the graphic of how Bolt won the race and while you are at it, look at how my man Richard made my country proud!

Lessons we learn

Nothing like sports to teach us valuable lessons about life. We often forget that we need to always go beyond our limits. We have to always tell oursleves that our best is never enough.

Some of the protagonists of the Beijing Games have taught us the best way possible - by EXAMPLE.

Examples of determination, focus and concentration like Michael Phelps and Cesar Cielo.

Examples of lack of mental and psychological fiber like Jade Barbosa

Examples of over-confidence and short-sightedness like Diego Hypolito.

Examples of the virtue of knowing ans studying your adversary better than him/herself like beach volleyball duo Walsh and May.

Examples of victory in defeat and humility in grandeur like judo athlete Eduardo dos Santos.

The list could go on and on, but what's probably the most important thing is knowing that there can always be someone better than you, so that is why we need to keep doing better than our best in life as a whole.