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The American need to wake up

Here is part of a letter from the opinion column of the New York Times on the present American political and economic situation:

As an expatriate who has lived abroad since the mid 90's, I have been witness to the change of attitude toward America on the part of many countries, and am writing in the hope that my words and experiences might be useful in helping Americans wake up to the calamity that would be visited upon them should the McCain/Palin team be elected.

To what might we attribute this change of attitude toward America, which is universally negative?

In a nutshell, to the hate mongers at the helm in the White House; specifically, Bush, Cheney, Rice, formerly Rumsfield, et al.

Despite the fact that McCain has supported these people and their politics at every turn, he now attempts to convince America that he stands for change (even a young child knows that a leopard can't change his spots). McCain's political choices, along with his choice of a running mate, prove his contempt for every American and, indeed, for every citizen of the planet. If elected, he would continue the same destructive, aggressive politics that have ruined America and its standing on the world political stage. McCain's circus-act-campaign is so pathetic from afar that it is indeed shocking that Americans have not simply revolted against him and the uneducated, fanatical, bible-thumping fascist (whose views on religion do not differ in any way from those of a terrorist) that he has chosen as his running mate. This act, his choice of her as his running mate, is an affront to the basic ideas upon which most Americans believe the country was founded. That large numbers of Americans could think that their basic freedoms and safety would be enhanced by electing this pair is discouraging and frightening, for it illuminates the lack of perception and understanding of both domestic and world affairs that afflicts much of America.

Who is responsible for the economic crisis blighting the US (and the world), that America has exported to the world? Who is responsible for an illegally-waged war against a sovereign state that has resulted in the loss of the lives of at least 1 million innocent Iraqi citizens? Responsible are the Bush administration and McCain and all his cohorts who have supported Bush, who have been deceiving America in every way imaginable for the last 8 years. That Bush has not been impeached is testimony to the effectiveness of the campaign of fear that he has waged against America from the time that he realized that he didn't know how to be a president, did not know where to lead the country to whose top position he had just been appointed (not elected). Terrorism has increased a thousand-fold since Bush took office, and he and his administration have themselves incited it, for they profit greatly when war is wagered.

— Achillois, Moscow, Russia


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