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proved or proven?

What's the difference between "proven" and "proved"?

prov·en ( v.)
A past tense and a past participle of prove.
prov·en (adj.)
Having been demonstrated or verified without doubt: “a Soviet leader of proven shrewdness and prescience” (Joyce Carol Oates).

v., proved, proved or prov·en

Conclusion: Proved is used a past participle or the Simple Past, while proven can be a participle and adjective at the same time.


Just writing to leave something on the blog. But then I got to thinking: what can I put on this goddamn site to spice it up? I them remember that a colleague asked me today how to say the word "travessa de fogão" in English. The word slipped me and still does....

Prioritising Mistakes

How to get students to be more aware of their errors? And what about getting them to actually work on them? I know that they don't like doing their work over and over again, but hopefully they will wake up to the importance of having revising and rewriting as vital parts of their writing practice. Let's see one month from now...