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Showing posts from September 16, 2007

full plate

In times like these (sounds very cliché like, I know) everyone talks of having a full plate. I am presently:
1. lecturing at an undergraduate course program
2. teaching/lecturing to candidates preparing for a public exam (admission to the diplomatic corps)
3. preparing text materials for business classes and general language courses
4. conduct training sessions for teacher trainees at university
5. preparing to submit a PhD project proposal.

As you can see, loads of work and no time to rest!

what's writing is all about

Lately I have been thinking about the tedious and monumental task that is writing. I mean writing clearly and accurately. How students have problem with this whole thing! That probably stems from a few problems:

1. Brazilian learners usually don't read and consequently don't write. the passion that involves writing, expressing oneself on paper- for many it seems Herculean and despairing.

2. We teachers have to get students to understand what is involved in writing and literally doctrinate them into understanding that they have to write, rewrite, edit, re-organize, re-structure, re-...... get the point?