Thursday, September 27, 2007


Preparing test material for a large number of students and groups with over a 100 teacher trainers actively and passively involved is a challenge for any teacher trainer/coordinator. I chip in at this teacher training project at the Federal University here in Rio de Janeiro, where the soon-to-be teachers (to some extent, they already full-fledged ones, I mean they do the same job like the rest of us, right? And they might even do it better, if you give them a chance). The point of the matter is that as a trainer, I am responsible for supervising the development of test material and also proofreading those developed by other groups. Our biggest enemy is always time since we have strict deadlines to follow. And most of the time the delay between getting the prepared material, reviewing it, sending it back to the group for adjustments and changes, receiving the file once again to have a final look, and giving the conclusive ok ... phew! Just talking about it here shows how tiring and time-consuming it can be. Note that all of this done by the wonderful world of e-mail, so you also have to be careful not to mix up files or send the wrong final version (actually this did happen last week, oops...)

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