Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the art of conversation

Getting students to speak at will can be a pickle at times. But when they finally and actually do... there's no stopping them now. And one thing that really helps with a conversation class is having participants read up on or search on the Net for info related to the topic. It may seem obvious but most of the times we go into the classroom and throw some warm up questions or ideas and naturally we expect to see them rattling their mouths off. This doesn't always happen, and even if they do, it doesn't go beyond agreeing and disagreeing, negotiating, defending an initial idea. To sum up, the chat that ensues tends to be superficial or en passant, and a lot of these students end up with the feeling that they would have liked to say much more and as natural/nativelike as possible. That's the feedback I got from my students a week ago and today, after deciding on the topics that would be discussed prior to the class, some students were even able to present what they have run into while fishing on the web.

To be continued...

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