Day #187 - Presenting a paper at a PD event - a teacher's moment of truth

This post looks at the role delivering a paper plays in the development of a teacher from the perspective of a webinar attendee/event organizer. In my post yesterday, I spoke of the two-day rounds of webinar sessions organized by local chapters of the Brazilian national association for teachers of English, or BRAZ-TESOL. The event brought together 12 teachers, some more or less teaching hours under their belt, some with less or more experience presenting a topic related to their practice to their peers via video conferencing platforms. In that light, the title, "Overcoming Challenges in Education", seemed to hit the nail on the head once again, for as even the most seasoned speakers in the group, pulling off an engaging, informative and inspirational talk is and will always be a challenge. 

Putting the event together was no easy task - it took considerable planning and liaising with the speakers, sponsors and potential partners, tech support; it meant thinking of every detail…

Day #186 - (Silly little things called COLLOCATIONS S01E11) How to overcome challenges in education

I believe there is a saying that explains the simplest and most effective strategy to deal with a challenge; the only way around is through. Simply put, problems or troubles that cross our paths should be faces head-on; not in the style of a raging bull, but rather a methodical tiger. 

Today my board and academic committee representing the local chapter of a voluntary association for teachers of English organized and are hosting a weekend long online development. 
Being the Corpus Linguistics aficionado that I am, I decided to see who or what people have been CHALLENGING in the last three or four months with the Coronavirus Corpus. See if the result below coincides with your guesses: