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Learning English is a journey, not a trip

Lately I've been curious to know how people who are learning English would answer the four questions above. Twenty two years have passed and the need to learn - and master - English continues to be a fleeting goal for many Brazilians, almost as if they're chasing the Sun. The number of people who claim to have at least working knowledge of the language hasn't passed the 5% mark of the population. English is available in the form of social media and free websites, TV series and more, yet efforts to achieve higher levels of proficiency are like stops in the ocean. The questions above point to the role of self motivation and self awareness, rather than stressing the methodology, the material or the duration of study. Setting realistic goals in language learning has never been more paramount for us to keep learning bit by bit, level by level. After all, you can enjoy your trip, but only truly learn from a journey.

It's a (insta) lie!

Here we go again, blaming social media for a behavior that has always been part of our human nature and for our willingness to believe what we know CANNOT be true.

Preach to the converted!

Preaching to the converted has always been seen as a waste of time, because the members of said group or community KNOW what we mean and share the same goals. They may share the same goals but their faith is never the same. We preach to renew that faith and boost those who waver in their passion.
You can be converted but not always COMMITTED.  

The fat lady and sports

"It's not over till the fat lady sings". 

This is probably one of my all-time favorite proverbs, especially because it has everything to do with sports. Sports exemplify the importance of never giving up, even when all seems lost. The 21st FIFA World Cup brings pointed reminders: almost all the games so far have been decided in stoppage time when fans are already getting ready to exit the stadiums. 

I was so intrigued by the expression that I sought to understand the origin. This led me to similar expressions:
As long as the organ is playing, church is not out.
The church ain't over till the choir stops singing.
They are all saying the same thing: believe in victory at all costs, and even when it is not possible, give your all in the face of defeat.

New or undiscovered?

Education has been undergoing huge changes, especially as we are beginning to discover new ways to learn. Therein lies my question: 

Maybe what we see as new in terms of learning is actually "unconventional" forms that have gotten the blessings of the academia. If Dewey (1938), Argyris and Schön (1974, 1978), and Mezirow (1991) have all pointed out that people learn how they learn, examine multiple ways to learn, and look for ways to more effectively plan their future learning to play to their learning preferences, then there is truly nothing new under the cognitive sun. 


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Find it in your heart

Just in!
I just loved the simple way singer Gloria Gaynor explains the source of discrimination of any kind. When you are unable to see the other as your equal (what she refers to as love in your heart), that's when fear steps in, paving the way for hate and intolerance. A gem of an interview.

Learning is truly ongoing - practicing too